• Size difference
  • Grumpy/Sunshine
  •  Enemies to Lovers
  • Opposites Attract
  • Forbidden Boss + Assistant
  • Forked Tongue
  • Knotting
  • Spicy Romance

The Archdemon in Auditing

When I landed a dream job in the Underworld, I never expected my boss would be the infuriatingly handsome archdemon, Bax Daemonus.

As Chief Soul Auditor, he’s been cutting corners for centuries – but I’m here to reform his corrupt department. Bax fights me at every turn, yet the tension between us crackles hotter than hellfire.

Those sculpted horns and smoldering eyes tempt me in dangerous ways no mortal should crave. And the more we clash over changing the old ways, the more our true passions threaten to ignite.

I came here with an important mission. But now my focus keeps wandering to projects of a more personal nature — like being seduced by the master of sin himself.

From bitter enemies to forbidden lovers, office politics suddenly seem trivial. Every smoldering glance from Bax tilts the scales further in his favor…

But a romance between a demon like Bax and a mortal like me has potentially eternal consequences…

Can I risk it all in the name of love?


The Archdemon in Auditing is the first book in the Monsters in Management office monster romance series, featuring:

  • A strong-minded mortal heroine determined to reform a corrupt system
  • A brooding demon boss with a forked tongue
  • Enemies-to-lovers tension simmering into forbidden passion
  • Steamy supernatural romance heating up the office
  • Suspense alongside emotional turmoil
  • An against-all-odds romance that crosses boundaries